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Asset Tracking, Why Should You Care?

    “Tracking your assets is important during operations and fundamental when evaluating your business processes by facilitating inventory management and unraveling the total cost of ownership of your operating assets”   A business depends on many resources to get… Continue reading →

Let’s smart-up our business for profit and purpose in a connected world

“IoT provides an unprecedented opportunity to understand the impact of our interactions with customers, society, and the environment” What if I told you that you do not have to choose between doing business for profit versus doing it with a… Continue reading →

Benefits of managing your assets – Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

  Finding the right balance of what to outsource, what to keep in-house, and even what to insource is key to running an effective business. Bringing services back in-house can help create a more agile supply chain, increase reputational value… Continue reading →

How can smart tools boost employee morale?

Can investing in smarter tools to create automation improve employee morale and productivity? Let’s think about it, no employee in their right mind would probably ever turn down a raise, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they need a financial incentive… Continue reading →

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