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How well are you managing your assets?

When you plan your journey, you start by looking at the options that will get you to your destination. The options depend on your implicit understanding of your location. Owning or working for a small or medium business requires wearing… Continue reading →

Managing Fixed-Assets and Inventory for Success

Introduction An asset is a resource used by a business to create value or economic benefits. It can be cash, equipment and property, and/or a patent. Businesses list their assets in the financial statement or balance sheet. As consequence, assets… Continue reading →

How to reduce your fleet’s administrative costs

“Technology is an enabler that can ease the burden of administrative tasks.” Fleet administration is a very busy place to be in, and the amount of time and cost it handles makes it a high priority area for efficiency improvements. The wide… Continue reading →

Asset Tracking, Why Should You Care?

    “Tracking your assets is important during operations and fundamental when evaluating your business processes by facilitating inventory management and unraveling the total cost of ownership of your operating assets”   A business depends on many resources to get… Continue reading →

Press Release: BulbThings brings modern free asset management to SMBs

20th October 2016 – Bulb Software Ltd. is launching BulbThings, the next generation asset management solution. The application aims at being the smart asset manager for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) allowing them to benefit from capabilities provided by traditional… Continue reading →

How much are your assets really costing you?

“It is vital for businesses to unravel their hidden costs, so these can be managed” Shoppers are  always looking for a bargain. Unfortunately, the true cost of a good becomes clear during use, when other expenses come to light. As a… Continue reading →

Tips for managing your assets more effectively – Part 3

MOBILE DEVICES & PRINTERS In the last of this three part blog, we explain what businesses need to understand to adopt best practise when it comes to managing and optimising business mobile contracts and printing. Every business is paying money for their… Continue reading →

Tips for managing your assets more effectively – Part 2

HGV & EQUIPMENT INVENTORY FLEETS In the second of this three part blog, we will provide tips on managing different types of enterprise assets starting with Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) fleets and associated equipment inventories. The purpose of these articles is to… Continue reading →

Tips for managing your assets more effectively – Part 1

5 PRO TIPS FOR MANAGING YOUR FLEET OF LIGHT VEHICLES In the first of this three-part blog on how to manage your physical assets effectively, we explore and provide tips on what it takes to perform best practice fleet management for… Continue reading →

Let’s smart-up our business for profit and purpose in a connected world

“IoT provides an unprecedented opportunity to understand the impact of our interactions with customers, society, and the environment” What if I told you that you do not have to choose between doing business for profit versus doing it with a… Continue reading →

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